TRITON Transfer Barcode Kit (ICP Analysis USA)

TRITON Transfer Barcode Kit (ICP Analysis USA)

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This transfer barcode kit makes it possible to convert an ICP-MS test kit (ICP Analysis USA) to a TRITON ICP lab test so it can be analysed in our US TRITON lab in Los Angeles. This product is a temporary support service based on recent developments in the US market.

3 x TRITON Transfer Barcodes
2 x Vials
1 x TRITON original test kit instructions

1) Purchase this discounted "TRITON Transfer Barcode Kit" that can be used to send in your existing ICP-MS test kit from ICP Analysis to be analysed by our US TRITON ICP lab.
2)  Set up a TRITON account and connect the barcode.
3) Fill the vials and attach the TRITON Transfer Barcodes to each water sample.
4) Ship to the US TRITON lab: The water samples must be shipped in the original ICP Analysis packaging using the original vial provided in the ICP Analysis test kit with the additional 2 vials provide in the TRITON Transfer Barcode Kit.
VERY IMPORTANT:  As this is an aquarium community support measure we will be unable to test any samples that are not received in the original ICP Analysis packaging.

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